This is only my third post, and I’m already blocked.  I have no idea what to write about. I’m just going to type about having writers block until maybe it unblocks me, and if it doesn’t, well I still have a post about something.  It’s win win.

I starting writing about when I picked up my new bed but it was so boring I just deleted it and starting writing this.  I wrote a lot too.  It was probably up to like 300 words.  It was sooooo boring!  I was dragging out a story that could have been done in a paragraph so I stopped.  You’d thank me if read it.  I will say it was fun getting a king size bed up the stairs and having it wedge between the ceiling and stairs. 

I’m sorry this post isn’t too exciting.  I’ll leave you with this funny pic.



Sleep on it

I was going talk about the funny things that happened at the dog park today; then I was going to talk about how my dog farts every time you pick her up; but instead, I’m going to talk about mattresses.

This story starts with the deal we got.  A brand new, still in the plastic, king size pillow top mattress for $240!  I couldn’t believe it.  I have no idea what kind it is or anything like that, I just paid for it!  It was at the re-store and was donated by Leon’s, so it’s probably pretty good.  Anyway….what I want to talk about is why do they put designs on mattresses?

Why?  I truly don’t understand it?  It’s not like anyone is ever going to see it.  It’s covered up with sheets and blankets!  And matching box springs?  I got a deal on my first bed because the mattress and box spring didn’t match.  It didn’t make sense then either.  But I liked the deal!

Are the designs just to make them look more appealing in the store?  If this is the case, why is the design the same as an old couch my grandmother would have?  Granted, I’m probably thinking of the old cheap spring mattresses that you would find in an old motel that’s in the most random place off the side of a highway no one ever travels anymore, but still, I don’t get it.

Maybe the companies knew the mattresses sucked and where going to ruin your back, so they jazzed them up a little to try to “ease the pain”.  That is the only reason I can think of right now.  Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m sure we can agree that designs on mattresses and box springs are just unnecessary.

Thanks for reading.

Sleep well.



My First Post

Hi everyone,

So this is my first blog ever!  I was trying to figure out what to write for quite a while and couldn’t think of anything, so I’m just going to talk about me.  

I live in a small town in Muskoka that basically shuts down in the winter.  This can be tough for someone like me who only works in the summer.  To keep busy in the winter, I like to curl…a lot!  If I’m not home, I’m usually at the curling club.  I curl Mon.-Thurs. and help coach juniors three days a week.

That’s where I heard of this site.  A couple of people from the club (Angie and Sue) have blogs and where saying how much fun it is, so I decided to give it a try….and here we are.

My blog isn’t going to have a theme or anything, I’m just going to write about whatever comes into my head…maybe I should apologize now.  I’ll try to keep it as clean as I can and try not to go off on incoherent rants…..which is where this one is heading so I’m going to stop now.